Reserve Grand Champion

This Sanke is owned by Roehl Barreras and has been raised by him in the last 3 years achieving the size of 34 inches. We would like to congratulate him on his koi husbandry skills.

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Adult Champion

This Kohaku took Adult Champion and was in Size 6 category. We would like to congratulate Luis Barranco for keeping this koi in very good condition for the past 2 years and has consistently gotten better! A job well done.

Best in Size 4

This Shiro Utsuri was only in the hands of Felix Lau for about 4 or 5 months where he was able to achieve growth of about 8 inches. The sumi and shiro was phenomenal on this particular koi even with size that it has attained in such a short span. One would think that the sumi would either recede or go down in quality as well as the shiro. Kudos ...