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Matsuda Koi Nets

Matsuda Koi Nets

The industry standard when it comes to koi nets ROUND NET (ALUMINUM FRAME) MATSUDA brand, handy and easy to use and are useful in counting, grading and transferring fish. Cord# Model No. Diameter Mesh Depth Shaft N0001 11-3(2') 13 -1/2" 1/8" 6-1/4" 2'

Matsuda Sock Nets

KOI SOCK You can catch and easily hold Koi with the Matsuda Koi Sock. It is especially convenient when you are transferring koi. Cord# Model No. Diameter Shaft N0129 Multibag(A) 27 10-5/8" 1' N0131 Multibag Half 27 10-5/8" 1' N0132 Multibag(A) 30