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Japan Trip Oct. 2013

SOLD 50cm Omosako Shiro Utsuri HQ male. This male Shiro Utsuri has a body shape that will put many females to shame. This male is so impressive that it can easily be mistaken for a female.

SOLD 48cm Omsoako Tancho Shiro Utsuri female. According to the breeder, she is a Shiro Utsuri with a tancho marking. Everything about her shows Omosako Shiro Utsuri. The quality of her shiro and the sumi that is emerging are very characteristic of Omosako Shiro Utsuri and the maruten is a different shade of beni from showa lineage from Omosako Koi Farm. Don't let this one get away. Watch her develope into a stunning koi.

46cm Omosako Tancho Shiro Utsuri male. Here is a gorgeous Tancho Shiro Utsuri male from Omosako Koi Farm. It has a complete pattern that is still developing. With the tancho marking perfectly centered on the head and the motoguro so tight, this koi will be the talk at any koi show for quality. Don't miss out on this Tancho Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm.

41cm Omosako Shiro Utsuri female. Another gorgeous Shiro Utsuri from the best Shiro Utsuri breeder in the world. The sumi on this koi is already gorgeous and has glowing skin. This koi still has so much potential so don't hesitate on this koi.

RESERVED 40cm Omosako Shiro Utsuri. This Shiro Utsuri probably is the best quality of the bunch but hasn't emerged yet so it's hard to see the quality in the pictures.

RESERVED MA 36cm Omosako Kujaku. This Omosako Kujaku has a great netting and sheen is extremely gorgeous. The head and pectorals are very clear and clean with a multi stepped pattern. Omosako Kujaku has just won a Sakura prize at the All Japan Koi Show.

36cm Omosako Tancho Shiro Utsuri female. Here's another Tancho Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm that has a lot of sumi starting to emerge. These Tancho Shiro Utsuri are hard to come by so don't wait to pick this one up.

36cm Omosako Maruten Sandan Kujaku. This koi has a very pleasing 3 step pattern and looks very appealing to the eye. This would be a great addition to any koi pond.

RESERVED BW 36cm Omosako Shiro Utsuri female. Here's a gorgeous female shiro utsuri that has a very pleasing pattern and bold sumi that can't be denied in any pond. She has a nice ichimatsumoyo pattern which will appeal to anyone. Don't miss out on this great Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm.

35cm Omosako Shiro Usturi female. This particular Omosako Shiro Utsuri has such a great future. The shiro is extremely white and her sumi is just starting to emerge. This one also has a great pattern which will be so nice to see develope. Another stunning Omosako Shiro Utsuri worth watching to develope.

35cm Omosako Kujaku. The pattern on this Omosako Kujaku is very pleasing. This koi will be such a blast to watch develope. With only 5 availabe, don't miss out on another great Omosako Kujaku.

SOLD 30cm Omosako Tancho Kujaku. The netting on this Omosako Tancho Kujaku is so clean that I can't recall seeing any kukaku of this quality slipping by from Japan.

SOLD 60cm Sakai Sandan Sanke. Here's a sanke that will develope sumi as the koi ages. It's hard to see this koi's sumi but it's all there. It's all on the shiro which is very large but hasn't emerged yet. Don't let this koi slip away.

58cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku. Here's a kohaku that will be a contender at any koi show in the future. With proper care she can also reach jumbo status fairly quickly. Don't let this sandan kohaku pass you by.

53cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku. This kohaku just screams quality. When you look at her skin, she just has so much shine, and the face is so white! This kohaku will be sure to do very well at any koi show. Please purchase her with confindence.

58cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku. Here's an absolutely gorgeous body shape! With her 3step pattern, she will surely be a presence in anyones pond.

56cm Sakai Sandan Sanke. With her beautiful and balanced kohaku marking, it will be such a treat to watch as her sumi developes and you'll get to enjoy a transformation that you will enjoy for many years to come.

SOLD 56cm Sakai Sandan Sanke. With her tsubo sumi and beautiful beni placement, this sanke will be a very nice show koi once she fully developes. Please don't let this one slip through the crack.

56cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku. Here's another kohaku that will be a great contender at any koi show. She has the makings of a champion with her pattern and body structure. Nurture her into what she can truly become, a champion caliber kohaku.

59cm Sakai Nidan Sanke. Here's a sanke that has all the presence! She has a very large frame and great beni and sumi qualities. Although she has a 2 step pattern, this koi has the ablitly to grow very large. it's very pleasing and will still do good in koi shows. Please nurture her with confidence.

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