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A little history

Hello, my name is Rob Barreras, and welcome to Majestic Koi's website. Here's a brief timeline of how my koi evolution began. It all started with those darn aquariums. As long as I can remember, my brother was always into fish. We had aquariums in just about every room in the house. As the years passed, my passion for fish never dissipated.

I suppose as with many hobbies, the natural progression from freshwater fish to saltwater was the next step. Going to Tahiti for my honeymoon really set the stage for my next journey of fish keeping. Seeing all the beatiful colors in the Tahitian waters was really mind boggling. As soon as I returned to the States, I purchased a 125 gallon aquarium and started my saltwater hobby. I was told to start with fish that were hardy such as lion fish and triggers. With these types of fish, they required live feed to acclimate them in an aquarium environment.

Going to a local shop one day, a new shipment of Japanese koi were being unloaded from the truck. They were being placed in large vats to be floated. I asked one of the associates what the big deal was with these large looking goldfish (I originally came in for some feeder gold fish). I decided to purchase 3 koi, one being red and white, the second being red, black and white, and the third being the beautiful shiny grayish blue with orange that just sparkled in the sunlight.

Upon reaching home, I floated them in my large ( or what I believed was a large pond at the time of less than 150 gallons)pond. After releasing them in a pond without proper filtration and pea soup green water, I almost forgot about their existence. I would swoop a net in the pond to get goldfish for my salt water tank and would always be successful in not seeing any of the koi. About six months passed by and low and behold, a koi was caught in my aquarium net. This koi grew more than double its size and the colors were just absolutely vibrant!

I'd like to thank my Okusan for giving me the support to make my dream a reality.

And the rest is history!

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